The Wheels on the Toad

Theresa is our resident Golf Shop merchandiser.  She has lots of creative juices.  We have some Bridgestone Product that needed a creative display.  I don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes to mind when I think Bridgestone is tires.  Definitely not golf.  Despite the fact that they currently hold the number two spot in market share for golf balls.

That’s why Theresa decided she needed to use some tires in her display.  She stopped by a neighbor’s house and grabbed some old tires in different sizes.  Next stop was Hope Ministries where she found three stools.  Then came the time for a little spray paint job to liven everything up!

IMG_20130412_172537_561Once they were were all painted, our carpenter, Dick, cut down the legs on the stools to make three nesting tables.

IMG_4048Theresa picked up some coordinating fabric to put inside the tires.


Now they just need to get some acrylic cut for the tops to create a shelf to display the golf balls.

IMG_4045How about you?  What kind of ball do you use?  Do you think of tires when you hear Bridgestone?

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