Tips from the Toad: The Golf Grip

We thought it might be fun (since we’re a golf course after all) to provide some golf related tips.  We’re going to start out very simply with a proper golf grip.  When I starting golfing, I was about five years old.  I can still remember Mike Horton to this day telling the group of junior golfers that the most important lesson you learned in golf was how to grip the club.  If you get it started out wrong, it’s so hard to correct.  Hopefully, these easy steps will add some insight.  If not, at least it didn’t cost you anything.

When you first grip the club, you will want the handle of the club to run across the fingers of your left hand.  (Sorry lefties, I know you’re the only ones in your right mind, but these directions will all have to be reversed for you).


And underneath the pad on your hand.


Make sure it isn’t running through your palm, but rather the line where your fingers and hand meet.  When you bring your hand around to grip the club, the V that forms should point directly to your left shoulder.


When you put your right hand on the grip, you need to cover your left thumb.  Both of the V’s that form point to your right shoulder.


On the back of the grip, there are three ways that you can hold your hands.  The first option is the baseball grip which has all of your fingers touching the grip.


Another option is call the overlap where your pinky finger rests between your pointer and middle finger.


The final option is called the interlock.  This is where your pinky and pointer finger are interlocked together.  This is the grip that I use, so therefore it is the best.  No, in all honesty, it is whatever feels the most comfortable to you.


When you bring the club down to the ground, you know your grip is correct when there are two V’s formed with your hands.


When you stand with your club head on the ground, those V’s will point to your right shoulder.


Ok.  That completes our lesson on how to grip your club.  We plan to cover several ways to adjust your stance if you have a hook, slice, or are planning to chip up onto the green.  If you have a request, feel free to add it in the comment section.

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