Tom the Trouble Maker

As mentioned here, my dad has planted basically every tree on the golf course.  He has had some help from the birds and squirrels who forget where they bury their winter meal.  Overall, however, they have all been planted by Tom and his tree spade.


We ran into dad while we were filming our zombie commercial.  Since we could hear him coming, we all decided to hide in the trees and jump out to scare him.

IMG_4547It didn’t work.  Mostly, he just laughed at us.

Here’s the funny thing about my dad.  He thinks he can remember things like where wires are buried and irrigation pipe lines.  After all, he and his brothers are who built the golf course, so why wouldn’t he be able to remember something like where wires are buried.

Dad and his trusty tree spade keep things interesting on the golf course.  We like to call it job security.  Dad plants a tree.  Dad forgets where the wires were buried.  Dad cuts the wires.  Irrigation doesn’t work correctly.  Ron and Jason fix the wires.


How about you?  Ever cut some wires for the sake of a nice looking tree?



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