Trees of Toad Valley

Author:  Tom Brady

To most golfers, trees are just an obstacle to be overcome, but Toad Valley is more than just that.  Forty years ago, when we opened, there were no trees on the course.  Every tree has been planted.  Some by “critters” and wind (once a seed source was near enough), but most have been deliberately planted where you see them or grown elsewhere and moved with our tractor mounted tree spade.


Since we had to start them from scratch, I decided to plant a wide variety of trees.  There were several reasons for this, primarily because it amused me, I suppose, but just as important was the thought that when a disease like Dutch Elm Disease came to Iowa, our diversity of trees will save us.  Consequently, Toad Valley, along with being a golf course, has become literally an arboretum (tree museum) with nearly 300 kinds of trees and shrubs from the northern hemisphere all around the world.


About 15 years ago, I “volunteered” to write articles for the Iowa Woodland Owners Association newsletter, Timber Talk.  The title of my articles are “The Non-Native Tree of the Quarter.”

My plan is to share with you all of the many trees that I have featured in Timber Talk as well as pictures and location of the trees on the golf course.

I hope you enjoy learning more about Toad Valley’s arboretum.

The Human Squirrel,

Tom Brady


Here are links to the articles that I’ve written:

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