Tribute to Dan O’Donnell, Sr.

Back in 1994, we hosted a golf outing for the O’Donnell family.  It was the first one which served as a family reunion of sorts.  About 40 golfers were present.  The family which included Dan & Dee O’Donnell, their 10 children, spouses and grandchildren had a great time and plans were made for another family reunion the following year.

In 1995, the O’Donnell family hosted their second annual golf outing and decided to raise some money for their grandchildren’s cheerleading squad at Lincoln High School in Des Moines.  They brought in about $1,500 for the Lincoln Railsplitters and the family was bitten by the fundraising bug.  Since then, they have raised over $800,000 for local charities in the twenty years they have been coming to our golf course.  They are one of the most amazing families that I have ever met.

Meet Dan and Dee O’Donnell.


This picture was taken last year.  Dan O’Donnell, Sr. had just turned 80 years old.  They made it their goal to earn $80,000 in his honor.  That’s exactly what they did!   They presented a check to the Iowa Parkinson’s Foundation for $80,000!

In November 2012, Dan O’Donnell, Sr. passed away from his long battle with cancer.  In his honor, the family came out last week and presented the golf course with a bench in his memory.

IMG_7255We placed it along the cart path along number one, so if you’re waiting in line to tee off please be sure to take a peek at it.  The family came out to the golf course last Thursday to place the bench and have it blessed.  It was an emotional day because the next day they would host their 20th Annual O’Donnell Open and Friends tournament.  The first one without their leader and patriarch. They came inside after and discussed all the many things their dad had done to make their golf outing such a great success over the years.

IMG_7272When you’re sitting on Dan’s bench, you should know that you’re sitting on a bench commemorating one of the greats.  A giving and selfless man with a tremendous legacy.  Dan O’Donnell, Sr.


How about you?  Has your family given something to the golf course to remember a loved one?  It is such an honor to us when our business plays such a role in someone’s life.

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