Turtles Tanning

If you drive on the cart path on number one, you are bound to see some turtles all perched on the log in the pond.  They sit there.  I’ve seen as many as twelve painted turtles hanging out.  Stacked on top of each other.


When the ponds were dry last year, we asked my dad if we could go in and remove some of those branches from the ponds.  We thought it’d be a nice way to clean them up. He said, “Absolutely NOT!”  Why?  Because if we removed the branches, then where would the turtles tan?


They have never become accustomed to golfers or the noise of outside staff.  Although they have been hanging out on this log for years, as soon as they hear the slightest sound.  Jump.  Plop.  Splash.  In the pond they go.  One right after the other.

Only one brave turtle remained.


How about you?  Are you a turtle fan?  Number one and number two always have lots of turtles hanging out in the waters.  If you’re lucky, sometimes you can see the big snapping turtle when he decides to switch ponds.

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