TVI, Take 13

Every spring, we host the Toad Valley Invitational.  No.  It isn’t anything that we sponsor, but rather a bunch of Drake Alumni who come in from all over the United States.  They call it Toad Valley Invitational because you have to be invited to know what’s going on.

There are usually around 40 friends who show up on a school bus to reminisce about their college years together.

IMG_4441They also try to out eat each other in walking tacos.  Their record was several years ago when they consumed over 100 walking tacos.  The Drake boys show up and are excited to spend the day.  It is kind of like an old home week.  TVI always has something up their sleeves.  It used to be goofy videos that they would put together as part of the invitation process.  As they grew up, got married and had kids, the time constraints let those videos fall by the wayside, so they ramped up their excitement in new ways.  Like…

IMG_4430A bag piper.

Yep.  That’s right.  They have someone who comes and plays the bag pipes while they are getting on their golf carts, then he heads to the first tee where he plays for every single foresome that passes through number 1 tee box.IMG_4438

The guys love it and the bag piper just keeps right on playing despite them videotaping and posing right next to him.

IMG_4439I don’t know how they do it, but for the last several years, they have managed to have really good weather even though they have their outing in April.

IMG_4437This year was no exception.  The weather was great and all the guys had so much fun.  They are a wonderful group of Drake alumni who keep us all entertained here at Toad Valley.IMG_4434

How about you?  Ever play golf while being serenaded on the first tee?

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