Water Balloon Toss

As evidence seen here, here and here, we like to have fun with our junior golfers.  Since it’s summer, that means it’s the perfect time for some water balloons.  Thankfully, my children are old enough to be able to tie these balloons, so I put them to work.

IMG_2908This was at the point before their fingers started hurting.


Poor Carson got wet.


All of their hard work was put in for the junior golfers who come every Monday and Thursday night in the month of June.  After their lesson was over, the golfers got lined up to begin the competition.


Next up.  The balloons were handed out to all our Junior Golfers.


Then, it was bombs away.  We run the contest like an egg toss which is really hard for many of the young ones to resist.  They desperately want to just throw the balloons.


Once the winners have been declared, we turn them loose with all of those water balloons. Since Lance, our youth instructor, is well loved by the kids, he is chased on a yearly basis by water balloon wielding junior golfers.


It’s all in good fun.  If just isn’t summer until you’ve throw a water balloon (or two…maybe three).

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