Winter Uglies Get the Axe

The problem with having a 100 foot wall of windows is that you have a 100 foot wall of windows.  Windows that get little kid finger prints, elbow marks from doors opening, and the grime of winter.  All easily visible.


Please note the finger print in the middle of that picture.

We definitely should have purchased stock in Windex.  We buy lots of it.

IMG_4421Back in the day, we actually washed all the windows with paper towels.  Not very efficient.  Then, while shopping at our friendly Menards, I noticed some window washing utensils.  My staff loved me when I came home with this purchase!

IMG_4419Justin is new at the golf course this year.  In true style, I had him set to work on his first day doing everyone’s favorite job.   Window washing.

IMG_4415Justin is naturally a pretty meticulous young man, so he was a natural at window washing.  This is a good thing because we wash all our windows several times a month.

IMG_4426All of our windows got washed inside and out.  Ahhhh.  There is nothing that can make a room sparkle quite like clean windows.

In preparation for the coming season’s events, we also got to work setting out all of our outside furniture.

IMG_4394Our Golfer’s Lounge is where we store all of our outdoor furniture.  We have lots of great outdoor seating areas around the clubhouse.  To keep things straight, each seating area has its own name.  The one off of the Golfer’s Lounge is called the patio.

IMG_4395This patio is a really popular spot for golfers and guests to hang out.  It overlooks number ten tee box as well as the practice green.

IMG_4398We also have seating area in the area that is attached to the front of the clubhouse.  This spot is called the veranda.  Because we’re fancy like that.  It helps if golfer’s speak with a British accent while sitting at the veranda.

IMG_4384Here is Jake.  He is also new this year.  We like to break the newbies in with lots of super fun projects.  Cleaning up after the winter has lots of jobs involved.

IMG_4386We got all 70 chairs set up as well as all 18 tables.  We also have some seating right up by the clubhouse where people gather.

IMG_4396How about you?  Have you been moving out your outdoor furniture lately?




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