Yik Yak Breakfast Day!

We had a strange morning in our neck of the woods.  Several students from our district decided to antagonize police officers through an app called Yik Yak.  Ultimately, this event ended in my children staying home from school after it was cancelled for the day.  Being a nice mom, I made them get out of bed anyway, but enticed them with a cooking demonstration at Sysco.  They were mildly excited, however, my middle child decided to spend his morning with a school friend.

When we arrived at Sysco, we thought that our reputation had preceded us.  We are known for laughing more than your average business owner/manager when we attend Sysco events, so we assumed they were talking about us when we noticed that under our name it stated Last Laugh.

Turns out, we are actually quite conceited.

Last Laugh was the name of the restaurant that was coming in for a tasting following us.  Yep.  You guessed it.  When we heard that, we laughed.  A lot.IMG_1981

We had to pose since we had quite a motley crew with us today for our tasting.  I’m not sure why I decided I was so massively tall that I needed to squat.  We are clearly very tired and freshly out of bed in this picture.  The good news is that we brought our empty stomachs with us.


Our chef got right to work creating some breakfast items.  We have been throwing around the idea of having a weekly Sunday brunch, so we wanted to get some ideas.  We will definitely have our Easter Brunch that we had last year.  It was a great hit, so we are excited to change it up and include some new recipes.

He started with a breakfast sandwich.


He also included a breakfast dog that we could put on our roller grill.


My oldest boy was pretty excited that they had apple juice.  He’s a teenager and can put away some serious calories, but apple juice is his preferred drink.  As in, he drinks several gallons of it a week.IMG_1987

The breakfast sandwiches included a muffin, egg, cheese and sausage patty.  No denying it.  It was tasty.  We were also fans of the cool toothpicks they had.


They had two different types of biscuits for us to try.  Chef had also made sausage gravy.  The biscuits were amazing, but the whole family agreed that my mom’s sausage gravy won in the ultimate contest.  Sometimes you just can’t beat your mom’s cooking.IMG_1988

After breakfast, it was time to move on to lunch.  First up were some pork burgers.  I was fascinated by the chef’s method of separating frozen patties.  I wonder if they teach that to you in school.  We had a good laugh about his skills.IMG_1992

Eventually he was able to separate and grill the burgers.  He served them on a toasted pretzel bun.  Yeah.  It was as good as it sounds.IMG_1999

Our chef was doing his best to come up with some quick on-the-go options for golfers.  It’s a tough thing to tackle since it has to be quick and easy.  Here was a wrap that he offered.


The wrap had shredded pork, cheese, lettuce, and salsa on a flavored tortilla shell.  Their salsa was delicious.


By this time, our team was barely able to move we had consumed so much food.  Luckily, we had to wait a little while for the chef to finish his final recipe for us.  We had asked him to show us how to stuff a beef tenderloin. We had tried it at one of their presentation days and knew it tasted amazing, but we were curious as to how it was to be completed.  He began the whole process by pounding out the beef tenderloin.  No fancy tool.  He said his favorite tool of choice is a small saucepan.


Next, he spread the blue cheese mixture down the center of the loin and showed us two different methods to tie it up.  Then, we waited and tried to digest to make some room for what we knew would be the piece de résistance.

Here’s one half of the tasting crew made up of my son, Brady, my sister-in-law, Theresa, and me.


Here’s the rest of our crew which included my daughter, mom and my cousin, Kerry, who helps mom in the kitchen.  Kerry is our resident cake decorator.


After doing jumping jacks to try and burn off calories and some snooping around in their professional kitchen, we were served up the delicious stuffed tenderloin.  Yeah.  It was truly amazing!!


There you have it.  Aren’t my kids lucky they had a no school day?  Have you ever tried making a stuffed beef tenderloin?  It was easier than I thought it might be.

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